How To Charm a Room Of Strangers( The Professional Way)

So tonight is my first event since arriving in France and I couldn’t be more excited but I know nobody who’ll be there, many people would never go to a party where they knew nobody right? Well it’s a great way to gain friends and enjoy festivities. I will tell you anyone can go to party but not anyone can leave the party with new contact and even new friends so here is my foolproof way to be the belle or the beau of the ball.

  • You have to do a little research before these events,  what kind of people will be attending, where is the venue and what is the ambiance. These are vital in preparing for your event you wouldn’t show up to some casual event in a tuxedo nor in a t-shirt and trainers to a gala so know where you’re going to first.
  • Fashion is always important in my eyes. When I look my best I feel my best and a little belief that you look sexy or suave is a great confidence boost, for me I know I feel best in proper slim-fit shirts( Gucci got me covered there) for example. Everyone has that wow effect outfit so why not wear it and trust me you’ll have complements galore.
  • Once you arrive at the venue don’t walk straight in go to the bathroom and do a once over so any flaw or any hair out-of-place can be put back order.
  • Entrance is key to attracting people. Look up be confidant and have a focal point in the room( at this stage a lot of people become overwhelmed by crowds or stares)
  • It always helps to have a beverage but don’t start downing it like you’ve been desert without water. Most of the time this step leads up to No.5
  • Casual conversations mainly happen at the bar and there is ALWAYS someone there on their own whether they are getting drinks or avoiding people , this is a great opportunity to chat , come up with a theme, statement, co anything to get this person talking to you once you’ve started if you’re like me you can stop!
  • I should have mentioned this step earlier but it really does help to know whats going on in the world so NEWS/NOVOSTI/NOUVELLE is a must know. It separates the people who have a little more going on upstairs and the ones who don’t .
  • For me personally I have five themes I know quite a lot on be it art, music culture or language these are vital when engaging in conversation they show character and depth.
  • It always helps to have business cards even if you don’t have a business these are much more professional than whipping out a phone taking every number email and piece of info from your new acquaintances and for us lazy people they save time and energy.

So I hope these steps are worth taking into account and become useful to you. Before long it will be second nature, just make sure you remember the people you talk to well and most importantly keep contact they could turn out to be your new best friends.